Abstract Art

October 04, 2012

Lately I have been creating all sorts of art on Graphic Rendering software and have come across some really nice pieces of Physical Abstract Art, like the one pictured beside. This has got me thinking about the things that must go through artist's brains when they create things like this, it also helps me think of ideas for posts as it is a very interesting subject and I have been struggling to think of things to post about.
The picture to the side shows a bullet being propelled through a row of Play-Doh balls. This is a very abstract idea as it is not something you would usually see, in fact it is deeply ironic to see this as Play-Doh was made with young children in mind and then
there is a bullet being shot. I like this piece of art as it is also very colorful and once again, very unusual - I would love to have the same way of thinking as an artist/sculpture like the one who sculpted this! Wouldn't you?

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