Power - part 1

March 30, 2013

Hi guys,
Following the recent drama between many Asian countries, mainly caused by North Korea, I've been thinking. I've been thinking, how much responsibility is needed to maintain power?
Obviously the emperor of North Korea has been abusing his power over the country and turning it in to a dictatorship, commanding his people do cause violence and scare to its surrounding countries. The leader of North Korea has threatened to launch nuclear missiles to North America earlier this month due to a military exercise invading Korean airspace and unfortunately North Korea escalated this situation very quickly and made a big thing of it. Also, earlier today North Korea has declared war with South Korea. Obviously North Korea have been abusing their power, but ow exactly do you stay in the responsible limits of having power? We've all heard the term "with great power comes great responsibility", but how do we know what is responsible?
Of course, Korea may have been scared by the flyover by American forces, but was there any need to threaten them with deadly missiles?
This then led me on to think about something else, which will be the main topic of Monday's post :)

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