Power - part 2

March 30, 2013

So back on the topic of responsibility, how bad does a situation need to be before you have the excuse of causing a mess and destroying things? If there was, say a burglar in your house and he had no intentions of hurting anyone, he was just there to steal something and you spotted him. What would you do? Would you just let him steal what he's stealing then leave? Or would you take some actions? How big would your actions be? Is this a situation where your parents wouldn't be angry if you made a mess of the house? Where they would just be happy that you came out of the situation okay?
And say if there was a small fire in your loving room, you had a sock on a plate and it was set on fire (don't even ask)... Would it be bad enough for you to be able to soak the carpet in the process of putting the fire out and walk away from it without being told off?
What exactly is the limit needed to be crossed by the situation to make it possible to carry out such an operation in order to prevent it? Honestly, I don't know. Do you? I know to sort of post may not be the one that interests you, but it has always been a topic on my mind, what exactly are the limits of situations? Is it situation specific?

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