March 05, 2013

Hey Guys,
As You may know, I have been practicing in a Korean Martial Art called Kuk Sool Won since the age of 5 and promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt, Jyo Kyo Nim, when I was 10 (In June '10). Last night I received an application form which indicates my promotion to 2nd Degree, this means that I will start testing in May and will hopefully receive my promotion in June of 2014! It may cost $500 to take part in the gradings and promote, however it is well worth it as Kuk Sool has had a greatly positive impact on my life and it is something that I will definitely resume practicing until I reach an age where I am unable to continue. I am looking forward to the gradings and my hopeful promotion in 2014, however I do still need to get more practice though!

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