Class Site!

May 10, 2013

Hey guys, as I told you in the last post I have been doing a lot of webdesign recently, on both my own websites and other people's... And in our CBC class at school for the last term, we have been writing blog posts to eventually be uploaded to a website run by our teacher, Mr Champion. However, yesterday I was approached and asked to design the website for him! The website should be up by 3:30pm GMT+00 today... I have already created pages for the main subjects, however my next step is getting the content uploaded to the site, which may take some time at school today... When the website is complete, I will give you all a link to the article about it on silv3r designs,my graphic and web design blog...
To access the whole franchise of silv3r websites, click here!
Also, I'd just like to thank you all for 2,500 site views on here, this blog has been running since 2008, however the first post was, I believe, in July of 2011 so I will be celebrating 2 years of blogging very shortly! :D

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