June 27, 2013

Hi guys, yesterday I didn't get the chance to post about this, so firstly I would like to apologise for it being a bit late, but here it is, enjoy!

So yesterday, as a part of the Eco Group at my school I went on trip to a local leisure resort to meet up with lots of other environmental enthusiasts from others schools including Sir John Lemans High, East Point Academy and many others... The main reason behind this trip was to encourage us, the year 8's to join the ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematics (STEM) project next year by showing off what some of this years year 9's had gotten up to, including things like debates on sustainable energy production methods, technology showcases such as thermal imaging cameras and many other things. To find out more about the day, a blog post will be up on the Benjamin Britten High School Solar Schools page shortly!

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