WKSA Seminar and Tournament

June 02, 2013

Hey guys,

As you already know, last week I attended a great Kuk Sool Won seminar hosted by Master Alex Suh, son of In Hyuk Suh (kuk sool won's founder). This seminar was very good and covered a recap on things such as speed techniques and performing techniques on two opponents at the same time.
We also covered breakfall recovery, like defending yourself from the floor following a breakfall and many other breakfall related techniques. Overall this seminar was great and I am glad I attended it!

Yesterday, I participated my first ever Kuk Sool Won tournament. This was the European Tournament which was hosted in Kings Lynn. I participated in 3 events, of which 1 I won a medal in. I was in the age 13-17 category proving my competing very hard due to the fact that most of my competitors were a few years older than me and had probably had more experience in competing in the tournament previously. I won my copper (4th place) medal in self defence techniques, and I am very proud of my medal. Although I really wanted to win at least 2 medals, I am very pleased, considering that this was my first tournament!
You can see my videos of the tournament on my YouTube channel which can be found here.

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