Hardcore Elite Bicycling :p

August 23, 2013

Over the past few days I have been cycling a lot and covering quite long distances, seeing as though I rarely use my bike, and I think I've developed a new passion. I've discovered that I love cycling through both urban and rural areas that I would otherwise never really see. 
Yesterday I cycled to the other end of town and back (11 miles) via some residential estates that I have never been through before, and today I went on a 12 mile cycle from Lowestoft to Gorleston where I past through many urban and rural areas that I have never seen before; and this got me thinking.
I started to think about how many places I have seen from all around the world, South America, North America, many Caribbean Islands, France, Tunisia, London and next year Thailand. I have seen all of these places many thousands of miles away, yet I have only just discovered some places which are in my own hometown and are extremely close to me everyday!
How have I seen past these beautiful landscapes and nice urban areas that are right near my own home? I honestly don't know! Maybe it's because I don't get out enough, but I honestly don't know!

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