Our First Solar Panel!

September 13, 2013

Hey Guys (and Girls)! As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am involved in my school's eco group where I am part of the EcoTech team and we are raising money to put Solar Panels on the roof of our school with 10:10's Solar Schools Project. Today our first panel was delivered by the Solar Energy Alliance and we were given a talk by Chris from their company about Solar Power and the future of power. Chris explained how the solar panel works as well as telling us lots more about the future of fueling cars and powering homes and his ideas of how things will work in the future.

This Picture shows the equipment that was delivered today. On the right you can see the Solar Panel itself, this is what converts sunlight into energy which can then be passed on into the battery box. The battery box is the big black box on the left and is much like a car battery. The solar panel is also connected to the main control system which is the small black device next to the white wire. This device has a screen showing all sorts of information about the power usage as well as a master switch to disable/enable any power outputs from the battery/panel.
This picture shows the main control box at much closer so you can see the display and all of the input/output wires...

This picture shows Chris from the Solar Energy Alliance handling a military style solar panel. These can be folded to fit into a back pack and are fairly light compared to our normal solar panels. Military panels come in a camouflaged design and are, as the name suggests, designed for use in the military. This is a very good source of energy when you are travelling and setting up temporary bases as they are very mobile, cheap and very reliable!

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