October 05, 2013

The Halesworth Kuk Sool Won Dojang,
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Sorry I haven't posted I a while but I've been too distracted by Grand Theft Auto 5! I know it's bad for my blog's traffic but, meh!
Anyway, last Sunday was my first official black belt grading towards my Kyo Sa Nim (second degree black belt) in Kuk Sool Won. The grading lasted 3 hours and took place in the Halesworth Dojang.
The first hour of the grading was a killer, even most of the higher ranks admitted to finding it hard. Kicks, exercises in segments of 55, jack-knives, burpies, press-ups, sit-ups, star jumps - you name it, we did it! This was our stamina snd fitness test! 
The next hour was the practical part which put our minds to the test, we performed each of our empty handed forms as well as our weapon forms. Overall, I performed 7 empty handed forms as well as the staff form and the sword form. At the end of this hour we also performed the staff sparring routine which was when we started to enjoy the grading a bit more as most of the hard work was done and we were starting to catch our breaths back from the killer warm-up we had! 
In the final hour of the grading we performed all of the techniques we know. To give a rough idea how many self defence techniques I know there are between 6 and 20 techniques in each set which gives a stratified average of around 12 techniques in each set and I know around 21 sets of these techniques which I constantly struggle to remember!
Upon completion of this task it was time to move onto the final part, and most hard part in my eyes, board breaking. In this grading I had to break four boards, 2 of which in a double jump front kick and the other two inactive scissor kick. Although I failed at this part, I still walked out of it happy as even though I am currently a first degree black belt I have only broken one board in my entire KukSool Won career. My favourite part of the grading had to be watching the 4th degree and above's breaking the board with an off-the-wall roundhouse kick! 

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