November 15, 2013

In this blog post I will be talking about one of the things that bothers me the most about Christmas, and I know what you're thinking; "Why are you talking about Christmas already?!" - The answer: There's nothing else to talk about! Anyway, let's get to the main content of this post!
One of the many things that bothers me about holidays like Christmas is the commercial takeover of them and how everybody forgets the true meaning behind the holiday! For example, Christmas is a holiday to celebrate the birth of the Christian prophet, Jesus (who was the "son of God").
I mean, firstly, if there was a 'Jesus', he wouldn't have been born during December of the year 1 CE, he would've been born during a different part of the year 4 BCE. So why do we even celebrate Christmas when we do?!
Anyway, back to the rant about commercialism taking our religious holidays from us... I find it amazing how many people don't know the true meaning of Christmas and they don't fully understand why they get a load of presents for the birthday of someone who they will probably deny the exhistance of. I mean, if you were to ask a child, or even an adult, what Christmas was what would they say? A majority of people would, for a fact, describe it as a festive event all about giving and receiving presents. This is an outrage as, alright Christmas is where people give and receive presents, but that's not what Christmas is all about though!

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