Oh yeah... Christmas happened!

December 28, 2013

So as I was going through my previous blog posts whilst listening to The YoGPoD, I noticed that a majority of my posts are actually completely irrelevant to my personal life, and all of this time when I've been struggling over topics to write about on here I could've just been writing about the obvious topic for a blog - your personal life. But anyway, for the last main post of the year I thought I would share with you how my Christmas went this year and what I got!

So anyway, last week my mum's side of the family and I went out for dinner at a local restaurant which we evidently visit every year! So that was quite nice spending an evening with my family, which I don't really get to see much as my Grandma lives in Nottingham whilst one of my aunties lives in Ipswich and the other auntie I just don't get to see much.

The main event after the family outing was Christmas itself and Christmas day went really well and I really enjoyed it. I woke up around 7am, as per usual, and proceeded into my parents' room where they were waiting for me to come in and get them! We then went downstairs to find all of our presents under the Christmas Tree and I couldn't wait to get started opening them, this year I was more excited than usual as this year was the first year I've ever spent my own money on purchasing a present for my parents and I was super excited for them to open it! :D

After dealing the presents out to their rightful recipients, I started opening them! Some of the "main sub-presents" (I think that's how you would put it... Or maybe they're categorized like jobs - you get your primary present(s) and then you get your secondary presents which are your main smaller presents and then you get the tertiary presents which are the smaller presents, I don't know! what did I just do? :p) But my main "secondary" presents were DVD's such as Monsters' University which is the prequel to my all time favorite film ever! I also got Kick Ass 2, Grown Ups 2, Despicable Me 2, The Hangover Part 3 and a few more... I also got Call of Duty: Ghosts which, to be quite honest, I didn't think would be very good as I have gone off of Call of Duty games over the last few years of installments (hence I didn't get Ghosts on the launch date as I usually would with Call of Duty franchise games). Some other things that I received for Christmas was some money, iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Credit, some foody sort of stuff, and a new Bluetooth speaker from my cousins which is honestly way better than I expected and I've been using is endlessly listening to The YoGPoD, I also receives some books, including the newest installment in my favorite series of books by Charlie Higson, "The Fallen". 

As I mentioned before, one main reasons I was excited for Christmas was to give my parents a present for the first time ever. In the last year their camera had stopped working and in April, we will be visiting Thailand on holiday and they have no camera to use over there, other than mine which I would prefer to take and use for photography only, rather than taking family holiday sort of photos. So I invested in a Samsung Smart Camera for my parents and they were really pleased with it which I was very happy to discover as I was a bit wary about it and was slightly whether they would like it or not so I'm glad they liked it! 

Next, we headed out into the garage to find my new bike! This was my main present and I love it! To be honest, I had completely forgotten about my new bike in the lead up to Christmas, but I'm really happy with it! Although I am a bit worried about damaging it as it cost so much, I still think I will enjoy it and it will last me for many years to come as it was very expensive and is the right size to last me for many years now! In the afternoon I took my bike out for a short ride and it was a pleasure to ride, it was much faster and nicer to ride than my previous bikes and is awesome!

Yesterday, my Mum, Dad and I drove up to London to visit my Grandad (the one who lives in a House-Boat) in Hampton Court, London. We stayed there for a few hours, after a 3 hour journey which actually took 7 hours to get there!! After having dinner there we headed back to our hotel and we left early this morning to Finmere, a small village in Buckinghamshire, where my Great Grandma lives and we visited her for most of the day and we also took her out for dinner at a local pub. After this we spent another hour, or so, we began our 3 hour journey home and arrived home around 6pm. 

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