Pi, Pi... All the pi!

December 30, 2013

From some of my older posts which you may have read on the old blog, MangoJuiceKid, you may have been able to tell that I'm very enthusiastic about technology and I have shown interest in things such as the Raspberry Pi for a very long time. Last month for my birthday, my Grandad (who is also an advocate follower and enthusiast of technology) purchased me a Raspberry Pi starter kit which cost £80 and includes everything needed to get started (most of this equipment is shown in the picture attached to this post).

Unfortunately I have not been able to use my Pi recently as I have yet to get a case for it, I've ordered one from Amazon and it should be here tomorrow so I can start using it more often to create some cool code and do some cool stuff with it! The reason I need a case for it and haven't been using it much is that if I leave it out it will get really dusty and possibly damaged, so I have been having to put it back into the box it was originally packaged in and it's such a pain having to get it all out and put it all away again and takes an age to do so! When my case arrives for my Pi, I will be able to leave it out and be able to use it more frequently - I may even post a few videos of my Pi and stuff I get up to with it!

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