Solar Schools: Our Current Projects

December 29, 2013

The following post was originally written by Shay Jordan (The admin of this blog) for the Benjamin Britten High School Solar Schools Blog

During the course of the past few weeks, the Eco Group at BBHS have been getting their act together and beginning to expand their projects by creating links with other schools, etc. We are doing this by writing proposal letters for visits to their school to host “fun days” where we will run activities such as making junk models and other creative things to promote recycling and inform on how there are different methods of recycling, other than just using a different type of bin. We have also been organising recycling projects with our science department to recycle cans that they have been using for experiments and we are even looking into getting money for recycling our unneeded resources. This will benefit our school as well as the environment as we are producing less landfill waste which is one small step to a brighter, cleaner future! Aside from the local projects, we have also been trying to expand our projects to nationwide ones by entering competitions such as the Raspberry Pi competition to design a poster to show a project that you are carrying out using a Pi. The poster we submitted was my Tom Saunders and myself and was based on our project to power a Pi via the Solar Panel! We will also be looking into the Google Science Fair of next year and considering entering that to expand our projects even further - worldwide!  Keep visiting our Solar Schools page for more information on our projects - our new year’s resolution is to keep the blog updated more frequently!
-------------------------------------------------------Be Sure to check out the Benjamin Britten High School Solar Schools Blog for more updates and posts on things we're up to in our school's Eco Group and whilst you're there, go ahead and share our page to Twitter/Facebook and you can even donate to us, this money will go towards purchasing Solar Panels to power our school!

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