Where next?

December 14, 2013

So as you may have noticed recently, I've changed a few things on the blog just to let you guys have better experience whilst using it, and also to let you guys know that I haven't died or anything, I just haven't been posting! :p

But anyway, that's what I want to talk about - my absence and inconsistency in weekly posting. It's just not working because I'm struggling to think of ideas on what to talk about! So where next? Should I turn this into a niceley decorated twitter feed where you can get short but frequent updated from me or should I try to make something more of what I already have? I mean, what I am trying to say is I have nothing to talk about on here anymore! I get loads a of page views but people aren't seeing what they come here to see - new content! So what shall I do? Turn this into a twitter and instagram feed, make it into a group blog with some of my friends being able to post on here or just keep it how it is? It's up to you guys - the readers! Please leave a comment in the Google+ comments box below this post and tell me what you think as any comments would be valued greatly! 

Shay! :)

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