9 Years of Kuk Sool!

January 08, 2014

Before I start this post I would just like to thank everyone who visits my blog as yesterday we hit 5000 pageviews, I am very proud of this milestone and I am also proud of how well my blog has been doing, stat wise, as I only reached 4000 pageviews short of 2 months ago! But now to the main point of this post; Kuk Sool!

I have been practicing the Korean Traditional Martial Art since the age of 5 and I am currently a first degree black belt. Today is a milestone for me in Kuk Sool Won as today is the 9th anniversary of me starting the martial art! 9 years ago today, me and my dad walked down to Waterlane Sports Center and I joined Kuk Sool as a tiny dragon. I still remember that day and the early days of practicing Kuk Sool now! I always used to watch Dick and Dom shortly before leaving for my class at 10am every Saturday morning. Fortunately now, I practice on a more regular basis - Mondays, Fridays and occasionally I also attend Saturday classes. Recently the Tiny Dragons programme finished which is a shame because this is the programme that I joined up to Kuk Sool via!

But anyway, I'd like to thank all of my instructors and everyone who has helped me along the way to where I am now and I could have never done it without you guys! Next year, I will hopefully be promoting to 2nd Degree Black Belt and I just can't wait for that! :D

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