Happy New Year!

January 01, 2014

So, it's that time of the year again - the start of the year! And it's also, that time of the month again! What time of the month, you ask? Time for another blog post in the form of a rant! *yay!* so, here goes!

So, "New Years". Let's all make a big deal over a man-made time period changeover! Oh, and whilst we're at it, let's make promises to ourselves, which we could've made any time last year but we've purposely waited 6 months to do so for this "fantastic event" in which a few numbers change on a man-made spreadsheet of numbers - each representing a day, a 24 hours period, a 1440 minute period, an 86400 seconds period. No. Why do we make such a big deal of "New Years"? It's nothing special, okay, I may have slightly exaggerated when I said that it's a "man-made" event, because it's actually celebrated to mark when the planet has done a full orbit of the sun, but then you could argue that it is man-made as the Earth concludes a full orbit every hour of every day as, one "year" before the day it is currently, the earth would have always been in the same place as it is now! But why is it that we base our calendar on this when it would be much easier, and informative, to use the Lunar Calendar! I mean, if we used the Lunar Calendar then we would be able to tell what day of the month it is just by looking at the moon! Wouldn't that be cool?!

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