Server Outage

January 06, 2014

Hi guys! This is just a quick announcement post to let you all know that the servers for .TK domain names have been going down quite a lot recently and I'm worried that they might go down permanently at some point in the future. If this does happen and you can't access the blog, visit as this will redirect you to the blog's domain, whatever it is at the time! This means that if .TK does go down permanently you will be able to access the blog as soon as I remove the .TK domain from the blog!
The reason I am worried about this happening is because it's happened to me before with the old domain; and I lost my whole audience! Fortunately, the audience has grown even larger since then and I currently have my largest audience ever and that's why I'm afraid of losing you guys!
Be sure to bookmark to your browser so, if this does happen, you can come straight back to the blog when I find a way to fix the problem! :)

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