I've been busy!

February 25, 2014

Hi Guys,
This is a semi-apologetic/semi-update post as I'd like to apologise for my inactivity since the New Year, I am fully aware of the fact that I've broken several promises that I made, such as the one where I told you I'd begin posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from the new year - and I didn't! But there's an exciting reason behind this inactivity which, of course, involves my School's Eco Group!
Recently, I have been putting together a website for the group and I am proud to say that it's almost ready for public launch! All that needs doing now is the purchasing of our desired domain name as well as the uploading of a few files and some people's work.
The main purpose of the site is to inform and impress. The inform aspect of things will be done through the "Learning Resources" section of the site which will showcase some work done by the students of 8CC last year during the CBC topic around the environment in which the class was split into 5 groups and each group researched a different topic about the environment, such as Waste Treatment, Energy Production, etc. As well as work produced last year, we will also have some fresh content on there which will be ever changing!
The impress aspect will be shown with the use of the blog which will be updated on a regular basis and will contain posts which will keep you updated with what we're up to and how our projects are progressing!
Be sure to check out the site at bbhseco.co.uk!

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