The Big Conspiracy!

February 24, 2014

Do you ever sit down, turn on the TV and watch a documentary? As someone who shows great interest in cover-ups, conspiracies and all sorts of things like this, I watch documentaries on a regular basis, and today at school a great point was brought to my mind by my teacher, Mr Champion. He feels that there is one big conspiracy in the world and that is all of the things that we know as Conspiracies as one big collective conspiracy. He feels that conspiracies are a conspiracy.
"But what is this covering up", you may ask...
This giant conspiracy containing all conspiracies we know is there to cover up the real and the obvious problems in our world, such as Climate Change, etc. This works to great affect because the average comprehensive and overly competent human being will likely be interested in problems to the world they are more likely to look into the ones which require a bit of work to find out about because they are often regarded to as "cover-ups" or "Conspiracies". This means that the people who are able to comprehend most things will often be more interested in the things that are hidden from us rather than the things that are right there in front of us to do something about, like Global Warming, like Exploitation of inhabitants in Lesser Economically Developed Countries, like homelessness, and drug abuse, etc.
I find this theory to be very intriguing and extremely likely to be true if there was just one big conspiracy? What if, this whole time, we've been investigating little more than a little hoax to distract us from the real, and more obvious problems? And most importantly, why do these problems need covering up? Surely there's nothing that bad about Climate Change being fought against, right?

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