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March 29, 2014

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, I've really had nothing to blog about and I've been really busy with homework and tests at school which are really important because I will begin my GCSE Options soon and I really want to remain in top set for everything for the duration of my GCSEs! Also, if you are interested, I've chosen my GCSE Options and finalised them now, I'll be taking Business, Geography and ICT! On the subject of making choices, I'd like to talk about people who inspire me and who I look up to in this post! Here are some of the people I look up to:

Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla is the founder of Smosh, a popular website, and the second most subscribed to YouTube channel to date. Smosh make weekly, comical, videos for their 12 million YouTube subscribers. As well as being half of Smosh, Anthony Padilla also has two other YouTube channels, his personal channel, and his vlog channel  which is run by himself and Kalel Cullen, his future wife.
The reason I like Anthony Padilla is because I think he is an amazing person and I love everything he does on the Internet. I first became a fan of him when Smosh followed me on twitter on April 10th 2013, and ever since I have worshiped him as someone I aspire to be like. Anthony's Draw My Life video was also very interesting as it gave me an insight to how much my life is like his!
Unfortunately, I still haven't met Anthony Padilla, however, he has tweeted me twice and favourited one of my tweets recently! It would be amazing if I ever could meet Anthony and Kalel as they are people that I look up to and watch their videos every day knowing that I want to be like them when I'm older.

Curtis Paradis

Curtis Paradis is an Internet personality who has been active for a few years now. I subscribed to Curtis many years ago, near the start of his YouTubing career. One of the main things he produces which got his channel so popular is his Sims 3 House Building Videos, in which he will show a sped up recording of him building houses in the sims 3 video game. Curtis is very talented at everything he does, video production and sims 3 videos, and that's one of the main reasons I like him!
Around a year ago, Curtis began producing a new show, Now. This is a short informally presented news show which is put up onto Curtis' channel at least once a week - he usually has a schedule for the show, however he is currently rescheduling all of his YouTube things as he has recently accepted a promotion in his primary job, which I believe is at a Canadian Television Network.
Curtis is a very loveable person because of his hyperactive personality and I'd love to meet him. In the past year, he has interacted with me various times on social media and I've lost count of how many times he's tweeted me. Usually I keep count of this, but Curtis seems too audience engaged that it would seem silly recording every time he interacted with me.

Martin and Alison Ducker

Martin and Alison Ducker are the owners of my Kuk Sool Won School, in Lowesoft. They currently live in Halesworth and manage schools in both places. I have known Martin and Alison since the age of 5, 9 years, and at first I was actually scared of them! Over the years, I have become more far farmilliar with them and I am more confident in front of them now. Martin Ducker is a 6th Degree Black Belt whilst Alison is a 5th Degree, however, they are both set to promote to their next rankings at the end of May this year, at the European Tournement in Norwich, UK.
I aspire to be like Martin and Alison because they are both amazingly talented martial artists as well as being great people, and they are also very fit when compared to most other adults! Martin and Alison have one son and one daughter. Their son, Jason, is a successful musician whilst their daughter, Rachel, is a multi-award-winning business woman and a model.

Jon Denny

Jonathon Denny is an instructor at my Kuk Sool school, and has been since before I started. The reason I look up to Jon is because he is a gifted martial artist and was my instructor for the first few years of my Kuk Sool training. I have learned a lot from Jon, including things completely irrelevant to Martial Arts, and have really come to admire what he does.
Aside from being a 4th Degree Black Belt in Kuk Sool, Jon also shows interest in motorbikes and he also used to write a blog which was actually what inspired me to start this one!

Luke Denny

Luke Denny, if you haven't already worked it out, is Jon Denny's son, and is currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kuk Sool. One of the many reasons I aspire to be like Luke is that I have practised along-side Luke for a majority of my life during Kuk Sool and I have seen him progress through the ranks and it is amazing to watch someone come so far! Luke is an amazing Martial Artist with a great mind, physical ability and spirit.
As well as being a great martial artist, Luke is a great person with a great personality and he never fails to make me laugh, even if it's something that's not intentionally funny! :D

Darren Barber

Darren is a great inspiration to myself as, although he is a great marital artist, he also shows great interest in the same things as I do! Darren is a great photographer, graphic designer and a great person!
As someone who spends their spare time designing logos and concept art for things, I admire what Darren does because some of his work is great! Also, his photography is very inspiring too as it is genuinely great and some of his photos capture a lot of meaning in them! 
Darren is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kuk Sool and trains with Luke Denny, and they make a great team! I aspire to be like Darren as he is successful in a lot of things, including the things that I am most passionate about!

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