RE: Enter The Dojang

June 19, 2014

This post is written in response to JDKJN Martin Ducker's recent blog post, Enter The Dojang.

Kuk Sool Won plays a large part in my life because it is one of the only things that I have ever stuck to and been so passionate about before and, realistically, Kuk Sool is life! Earlier today, my instructor published a blog post pertaining to his first steps in Kuk Sool and upon reading this I decided to write my own version of this post, but in further detail. In this post I will try to detail as much as possible in my entire Kuk Sool Won journey.
It all started out when, one Saturday, my dad suggested visiting the local sports center. This suggestion being a result of him recently discovering that his friend, Ashley, was a black belt in a Korean martial art: Kuk Sool Won. We walked down to the sports center on a Saturday morning in late 2004 and, upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by a friendly man named Jon, who was clearly an instructor. Jon invited us in, likewise did he with the disciplined young children lining up outside the door of the room. When we entered, we took a seat at the back and spectated a class. To this day, I still vaguely remember this class and one of the main things I remember is being included in some class discussion. After spectating, I decided that I definitely wanted to head back next week.
The next week came and I was extremely exited to be attending my first class where I would actually take part! Little did I know, for the next month, I would be reluctant to physically take part in the class as I was too nervous. Finally, after a month of just spectating, I decided it was time to actually join in the class (with a bribe from my dad, obviously!) and I actually really enjoyed myself! Following this first experience of Kuk Sool, it then became regular routine to attend classes weekly, after watching Dick and Dom! (does anyone remember that show?)
Another early experience at Kuk Sool which I hazily recall is my first class with PKJN Martin Ducker (now JDKJN). The reason I remember this class is because it was my first class which was hosted by an instructor other than KSN Jon (now SBN Jon). I'm not going to lie; I was scared of Master Martin. I was so scared that I began to cry during the lesson and i got so upset that I made myself ill! After a few more classes with various other instructors, such as SBN David, I became a lot more familiar with Lowestoft's instructors which made things a lot better.
My first class with another instructor was one of very few disappointments in Kuk Sool, one of which being my blue stripe grading. This was about 9 months into my Kuk Sool journey and I thought I knew everything I needed and I was ready for my grading, however when it came, I completely forgot my form and I needed to retake that part of my testing at a later point to get my stripe. Fortunately, I completed this successfully and was at the same rank as my friends in no time! Little did I know, 8 years later, I would be the only one of my friends to still be practicing Kuk Sool!

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