Black Belt Club!

July 06, 2014

So yesterday was the first black belt club in a while, and it was awesome! I think I may have discovered a new hobby inside of Kuk Sool: Korean Archery! 

We started off the session by recapping the sword meditation techniques, which we haven't done in ages, and then we moved onto practicing the sword cutting form. I'm quite proud of my sword cutting form as I actually got my wooden sword to make a swoosh noise when I did a really fast cut - I've never done that before! After doing a bit of sword, we moved onto some outdoor archery - which I have never done before. I've only ever done archery once before and that was inside and it was about 2 years ago. At first I couldn't quite get the hang of it but, after firing a few arrows, I finally got the technique right. I think! Apparently when I aim I look like I have "swag", this statement made me laugh! I fired 15 arrows in total and I only hit the target board with one of them; but I'm still happy though! It was the experience of firing outside which I enjoyed. The experience of firing in general really: the sore thumbs from pulling the string back, the cuts from using the arrows with massive flights which tear right through your skin, the bruised arm; all of that is part of the fun! I definetely look forward to practising archery again, it was great to be able to do it outside where we have loads of space to do long range, up to 47ft, and to also be able to get an idea of how hard it it to fire outside when you have to take into account the wind, etc. Overall, this months Black Belt Club was awesome!

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