July 12, 2014

Oh, the joys of inter-school competition... You thought I meant students in 'educational' competitions? Oh god no; I'm referring to the dirty competition: the competition to win over students for more budget! All the wasted budget and resources spent on gaining a few extra students for an even bigger budget to blow on the same affair next year. Does this not irritate you? Does it not irritate you that your tax money, the fraction which is not being to the government's trusty welfair system, is being given to schools for improvement measures and being spend on little more that novelty features to get more money?

A few weeks ago my school announced it would be purchasing brand new iPads for the new year 7s, and this sparked an outrage. Most people were arguing that they wanted iPads and it wasn't fair that it was only the year 7s getting them, but my argument was the fact that I see no direct educational output of the iPads. As someone who uses an iPad on a day-to-day basis, I struggle to see any educational value in it at all apart from accessing 'educational' websites which can be accessed in a better way from an actual computer or an android tablet (which can be purchased for A LOT cheaper than an iPad). 
Another publicity stunt to win people over, which has been carried out by my school, is free wifi. Why not? "Let us blow the budget on free wifi and iPads instead of improving our OFSTED report which is quite frankly terrible!" Why on earth is there any need for free wifi in a school? I understand if it's for the year 7s with their educational iPads, but for all students? That's a bit extreme, especially when the school's primary internet system is a slug. Shouldn't they be upgrading that, if anything?!
Personally, I believe that the school should be investing in improved teaching and resources that ALL students can benefit from in their government provided 'education' as apposed to blowing the budget on iPads, wifi and a SECOND coffee shop. WHY? The school already have one coffee shop, along with two coffee machines, what makes them think that we want a second coffee shop? Alright, I appreciate that the coffee shop may be one of the most popular catering features if the school, but that doesn't mean that we want another one. I think that, before the school spend all of their budget on things, students should be surveyed about what they want the budget to be spend on, and why. It shouldn't just be a decision made by management. Why aren't children given a better say on what happens in modern society?

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