Selfless Acts

August 29, 2014

Do you know what really irritates me? People who commit innocently selfless acts and turn them into something selfish and something to get attention. For example, people who feel the need to video every time they give something to a homeless person or make a point of donating to charity. I've given something to a homeless man before, but I didn't video it, in fact I haven't even told anybody about it until now. That's because it should be a selfless act, it's something that you're doing to help someone else. It's something that only the receiving end should benefit from. If you're videoing it and posting it everywhere then you're not doing it just for the homeless person, you're doing it for the sake of the camera and making people think you're a good person. Next time you give something back to the less fortunate or donate to charity, don't go bragging about it. Just do it. Just do it and feel good about yourself. Don't tell anyone. No, don't do that, because them it is no longer a selfless act because you're benefiting by gaining a reputation.

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