Short Update - Sept '14

September 30, 2014


Sorry I haven't been blogging recently, I've been caked in homework and extra curriculum stuff for the Eco Group and just, bleeurgh! So let's start off with what's been going on at school.
I returned to school this month following the summer holidays and it hit me clean in the face, I think I relaxed a little too much over the summer becuase being back at school has been quite hard to get back into, even after 4 weeks of being back already! I've already completed an English controlled assessment counting for 15% of my final GCSE grade, and I've also had a chemistry test and a lot more tests as well! Also, as you may already know, I'm part of my school's Eco Group and I've been doing a lot of work towards various projects for that. Last Thursday, myself and around 12 others stayed at school until 8pm for the open evening during which we showed off a lot of our projects and stuff we've been up to, you can read more about that here. Also, after school today, myself and another member of the Eco Group hosted a segment of the school governors' meeting in which we share with them what we've been up to within the Eco Group and I think they were fairly impressed with what we had to show for ourselves!
Also, I've been dedicating a lot more of my time towards Kuk Sool and have been going in 3 hours earlier than my class starts in order to help out with the childrens' classes which I feel I've really benefitted from. I also had my 4th grading toward my 2nd Degree Black Belt on Sunday and I'm happy to say that I passed, now I only have 4 more Gradings to go before I (hopefully) promote in June of next year at the European Championships in Norwich!
So that's all for this quick update, I'll be sure to post more often within the next few weeks!

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