OnePlus One!

January 15, 2015

Hello Friends! As you may recall, around two and a half years ago I made a post about getting a new phone. Well here I am, back again, with version two of that post!

I found out about OnePlus' flagship phone, the One, shortly after they announced it in Q2 of 2014. Ever since seeing it I knew that I wanted that phone, and now I have one!
Originally, the One was very hard to get hold of because of the company being in very early stages and not having the money or confidence to go into mass production straight away. As a result of their sensibility, they introduced an invite system to go along with their reliance on word-of-mouth promotion. If someone bought the phone, they would be given invites to give away to their friends. As more people bought the phone, more invites went into circulation, hence it is now a lot easier to get an invite to buy the phone.
I received an invite to buy the One in November however I was unsuccessful in convincing my dad to let me get one. Come January, my friend Tom had got a One for Christmas and we had also spotted one in the wild (well, at Disney World :p). I proposed the idea to my dad again in January and managed to convince him to let me buy one! I ordered it directly from OnePlus, eagerly anticipating it to be delivered between three to seven days after ordering. To my surprise, it actually arrived just two days after my purchase, so props to OnePlus for that!
Anyway, I've now been using the phone for almost a week and it's a charm! It runs currently CyanogenMod 11S meaning that it's running Android 4.4 Kitkat bundled with a ton of extra features and functionality to make it more customisable. Aside from the software, the hardware is also amazing. It has a Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5GHz and 3GB of RAM to go along with this powerhouse processor! Graphics wise, it's rocking an Adreno 330 which is great for most games currently available on the Google Play Store.
The camera is also amazing with the ability to shoot 4k video as well as 120fps slow-motion at 720p HD. I'm very impressed with the camera's ability and you should expect to see a lot more photos show by the One to accompany future posts!
Here are some examples of things I've shot with the One's camera:

Overall, I'm very impressed with the One, from it's build quality and performance capability to the finest details such as its packaging! I'd definetely recommend this phone to anyone in the market for a new phone, and if you are, the best place to find an invite is here!

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