What Does it Mean to be a Martial Artist?

April 19, 2015

Recently it has occurred to me that not everyone has an understanding of what exactly it means to be a martial artist and this has inspired me to write a series of blog posts detailing exactly what it does mean to be a martial artist. These posts will be released in the coming weeks and this post is simply an announcement of the posts in the coming weeks to give you something to look forward to! When I release these posts, I would like some feedback and response from the readers though and that's all I ask from you. I just want to hear what you think of what I've said and give your opinions or answers to the aspect of the question ("what does it mean to be a martial artist?") that I answer in each post respectively. I'd love to hear your opinions on different things to see how they compare to mine!
The first post of the series will be published this Thursday so be sure to check back Thursday evening!

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