What does it mean to be a Martial Artist? Patience.

April 23, 2015

This is the first post in a series of many which cover what exactly it means to be a martial artist. All that is said in these posts comes from my personal opinion as someone who's practised martial arts since the age of five (for ten years) and is just over a month from promoting to second degree black belt (hopefully!). Without further ado, here is what you've come here to read - the main post!

In recent months I've noticed that not everyone has the patience that I do and I have narrowed the source of my patience down to my martial arts training which began over ten years ago when I was just five years old. I've grown up as a martial artist and martial arts has had a huge influence on who I am today. In Kuk Sool Won (the martial art I practise), I have been taught to be patient and tolerant of others, both through verbally being told and through first hand experience. As mentioned previously, I've been training for over ten years and it took five years to get to first degree black belt. In those five years I saw hundreds of people come and go because they didn't have the patience and determination to stick to martial arts. Anyone who doesn't have the patience to stick to their martial arts journey leaves and that obviously means that one of the main characteristics of a martial artist is patience and determination.
Obviously, patience isn't all about waiting for things to happen and waiting for things to move along. Patience is also a characteristic needed for socialising and dealing with other people. In life you will always come across people who try test your patience and do things to aggravate you, be them intentionally or unintentional. As a martial artist, these people shouldn't bother you because you've learned that it's important to not let them get in your way. If someone tests your patience you just have to play along and not give in. I witnessed a good example of patience testing recently and unfortunately one of the people involved lost their patience and took out their anger on the other person through the means of physical violence and this is the exact opposite of what a martial artist should do! A philosophy that I've read before and quite like is that the main objective of martial arts is to never have to use it. I love this philosophy and it sums up what I'm trying to say in this post quite nicely! Martial arts improves you as a person more than it does physically. Anyone can do a workout and kick and punch, it takes a martial artist to be patient enough to do everything else though and this patience comes through countless hours of martial arts training and studying of the art. In doing so you will become patient and more tolerable of your surroundings, things which may otherwise aggravate others and cause them to get violent will become easier to dismiss and it will become a lot easier to settle disputes verbally at a sensible volume rather than feeling the need to lash out screaming and throw your fist at your opposition.

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