Where Have I Been?

April 02, 2015

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it! I'd like to apologise for my absence over the past couple of months, I've been overwhelmed with school work and, when I haven't been doing school work, I've been too tired to do anything so I usually spend a good few hours just like rolling around on my bed thinking about how I should really be writing a blog or doing something more productive. But hey, I'm writing one now so you can't complain any longer!

What have I been up to then? A lot of things! Let's start with the February half term, shall we? On a few days in the half term, myself and some fellow members of BBHS Eco came into school to continue with some projects which have been lagging behind. We made excellent progress on the Raspberry Pi projects as well as making great progress on the construction of a chicken coop for our Solar Garden. The rest of the Eco Group have also been into school this week however I've not been able to attend and I'll get onto the reasoning for that in a few paragraphs!
Also in the February half term was the first Black Belt Club of 2015 and it was a good one! There were a lot more people than normal and with this came a lot more content! We started with a purposely harsh warm-up given by the four 4th Degree Instructors which I actually really enjoyed. This was followed by some sword practise, meditation and acupressure training, all of which I really enjoyed. It's fair to say that this black belt club was the most enjoyable so far! (During the 3 years I've been in the club anyway).
After the half term came school, obviously, and school is... School. You know what school's like - it's neither enjoyable or depressing, it's just school. I was pleased to open my mid-year report when I got back to find that I had eight grade A's and one A* out of all nine of my graded subjects (English Literature, Language, Maths, Science Core, Science Additional, Social Ethics, Business Studies, ICT and Geography). The A* was in geography. When looking at a table of grades for everyone in my house in my year I was pretty stoked to see that I was right at the top! I'm not a big fan of comparing myself to others but I was secretly super happy about this!
Nearer to the end of the term we began our controlled assessment on Shakespeare and the Literary Heritage with the controlled assessment question being Explore the ways the pain of love is presented in Romeo and Juliet and a selection of poetry. We'd been studying the unit since Christmas so you'd think that I'd be fully prepared to ace the controlled assessment but I really wasn't! I had to spend around 6 hours (4pm-10pm) every night on the week of the controlled assessment planning what I was going to write about the next day because I was really stuck on what to write. Luckily, I had some friends who were willing to help me out and give me ideas so that got me through it and, now that it's finished, I'm really anticipating getting my grade back because I think I actually did quite good!
Also in the last few weeks of term, the Eco Group hosted the assemblies for all of the years throughout the week. The first couple of days didn't go to well as we hadn't actually had the time to rehearse because there'd been a lot of drama in the group in the weeks prior to the assembly and not everyone was getting on. This conflict however was resolved a few days prior to our first assembly and we didn't have time to revise what was happening or even rehearse. Our first ever rehearsal was in front of about 200 of our peers so that was embarrassing! We eventually got our act together and our best assembly was definitely the Friday one where it went very smoothly and we managed to recruit 30 new members (adding to the 20 we had got in the earlier days).
The weekend after the assembly week was the WKSA Black Belt Workshop in Norwich with Masters Sungjin Suh and Alex Suh. This workshop was amazing! Firstly, we received a 40 minute speech from Master Alex about judging people and what it means to be a Kuk Sool Won black belt and then we moved onto an hour long segment by Master Sungjin which ironically was all about judging peoples performance of forms. I found this quite funny as it followed a speech on how we shouldn't judge people, but none the less it was still amazing. My highlight from this section was SBN Gavin Chung's performance of Ki Cho Hyung (the foundation level form) which he made look awesome! We then moved onto correcting our own forms and it's fair to say that I learned a fair bit and it made me realise how much room there was for improvement on my forms! After this, we did some sparring practise as well as defence against multiple attackers using self defence techniques. Overall, the day was awesome and I'm so glad I attended the session!

On the final week, I had to go to the hospital to have a procedure carried out on my foot which involved it being sprayed with liquid nitrogen and it really hurt! It felt like I was having a razor blade pushed into my foot! Over the next day it wasn't too bad so I went to Kuk Sool in my new generals uniform to help out with the coloured belts' grading and I really enjoyed that but then when it got to my class the pain really started and for the first time in about 9 years I had to leave Kuk Sool early because I was in too much pain. I was supposed to grade over the weekend also but I could barely walk, let alone participate in a three hour physically demanding test! I decided to give that a miss and I'm allowed to do my grading next week instead so wish me luck for that!
We also got a new car this past weekend and I love it. It's an Audi A4 SE Technik 2.0 TDI and it drives amazingly! I've never been in a car which drives so nicely so we've been taking full advantage of the car and going out for drives almost every night this week!
That's about it for the time I haven't been blogging so be sure to check back either next Thursday or the Thursday after for another update!

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