May 23, 2015

Sexism is a very relevant topic in this day and age and has become so in the past century. The internet has been adopted as a place of pleas for 'sexual equality' in the past few years with the rise of feminist groups on social media sites and blogging platforms such as Tumblr and Twitter.
Feminism has however been adopted in the wrong way by many and I feel that some people are using the feminist cause as an excuse to target men for abuse and judge men. I am forever seeing posts on Facebook along the lines of "ugh... Men are all the same" and "men logic" posts in which contain judgements of a certain type of person which apparently have become a part of the whole men stereotype now. Not all men are the same, just as not all women are the same. Nobody is the same, everybody is unique and the only way we are similar to one and other is in the way that we all share a common trait - individuality. No two people are the same and it's wrong to assume that they are. Sure, some people are similar and act in similar ways but not everyone acts in this similar way and people need to see this. Feminism is supposed to be a gender neutrality campaign, not a campaign of judging, stereotyping and criticising all men.
I recently saw a video which pretty much sums up what I'm trying to say in this post and it was a snippet from a Jeremy Kyle show which can be seen below. It shows a man detailing domestic violence imposed on him by his partner which somehow seems funny to the audience. Jeremy Kyle then goes onto point out the fact that if the female had been the victim everybody in the audience would be saying that the man was disgusting and should be locked up. Sadly, this is true and this is why we need gender equality campaigns.

In the past, I agree that women were treated as the subservient gender but I think this has changed rapidly in the past half a century and we are shifting towards a society where women are becoming dominant in many aspects which isn't what we want - we want a society where both genders are treated equally and do not offend each other. Both men and women need to work together in order to achieve this, however, because it seems that women have been doing all the work in the past century in an attempt to gain gender equality. In most aspects it's worked, however from some aspects it's gone too far and women have either become dominant or are still subservient. This needs to change and the playing field needs to be levelled out and we all need to work together to do this. If you see a sexist post online, do something about it. If someone says something sexist, comment on it. Do whatever it takes for you to stamp out both sexism towards females as well as sexism towards males. Let's try to act upon sexism with a true gender equality campaign.

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