What does it mean to be a Martial Artist? Confidence, Proactive Thinking and Striving for Improvement.

May 16, 2015

For me, one of the main things improved by my martial arts journey is my confidence. As you may have read in my Ten Years of Kuk Sool post, I was a very introverted shy individual as a child and when I began my training at Kuk Sool (aged 5), I didn't want to even step foot on the mats! In fact it took my dad and instructor about a month of convincing and bribing to get me to even step foot on them because I was just too nervous! Fortunately, they succeeded in getting me to join in after a month and I'm so glad that I did because, as you can probably tell, Kuk Sool means so much to me now and my whole life practically revolves around Kuk Sool and 10 and a half years later I'm reluctant to get off of the mats and this notable change in attitude and confidence is purely down to Kuk Sool!

When I started to actually join in at Kuk Sool in 2005, I still wasn't the most confident of children. I didn't speak to any of the other students and I rarely had the confidence to speak to the instructor either. I didn't Ki-Up when everyone else did, I didn't count with everyone else when doing kicks and exercises, I didn't like performing in front of people and I certainly didn't participate in any demonstrations or tournaments! I hate to admit it but some of these things are still the case as I'm not as confident as I'd like to be but its a work in progress. I do however count with everyone else, talk to other students and my instructors, participate in demos and tournaments and I even assist in instructing classes. I think this boost in confidence is probably down to being moved up to the adult class as I've gotten to know a lot more of the adults at Kuk Sool and in doing so have gained more respect from them. 
In the past couple of years in which my confidence has really shot up, I feel that my training and performance in Kuk Sool has improved drastically so I have drawn the conclusion that martial arts is all about confidence. If you want to improve, you need to believe in yourself and believe that you're what you want to be. If you believe you're already there and act like you're already there, you'll get there. You'll reach your goal of improvement. Don't just set a static goal though, set a dynamic one that's always moving away as you move towards it. This way, you'll be constantly improving! 

Apologies for this week's post being a few days late and apologies for it being so short and having no link to real life application like the previous ones. Next week's post will probably not be part of the "what does it mean to be a martial artist?" series of posts. There will be two posts the week after, one on Friday about my final grading towards Kyo Sa Nim and one on Sunday about the tournament and my promotion! 

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