What Does it Mean to be a Martial Artist? Jung Shin - Unbeatable Spirit.

May 26, 2015

Jung Shin by Stuart Buskell
Artwork by Stuart Buskell
The term 'Jung Shin'  refers to having an unbeatable spirit; persisting in what you're doing and never giving up, despite any difficulties you may face.
Over the years, martial arts training has given myself and others around me a jung shin attitude to most things in life but it hurts me to look around and see people who don't have this attitude and have near to no perseverance in anything they do - they give up so easily and don't acknowledge that they are powerful enough to turn things around and make changes to satisfy themselves and carry on with what they're doing.
An example of giving up, having little perseverance as well as possibly 'playing it safe' can be seen at my school right now. My school is in a lot of trouble in terms of performance with its 'special measures' label by OFSTED as well as its lack of a permanent head teacher and its current position in becoming an academy. Many of the teaching staff at my school seem to think that it's all going to the pooper and to be honest, I agree at the rate it's going! The only thing that I don't agree with is their idea of 'solving' the problem; leaving - giving up. In the past few months, I've lost two science teachers, an ICT teacher, a deputy head teacher and a head teacher. In the next couple of months I am also due to lose my maths teacher and potentially the co-ordinator of the eco group as well. I appreciate that some of these teachers may have left because of other reasons but from where I stand it seems that a majority of them are leaving because they don't want to be put in the driver seat when it comes to putting the school back on track - they lack perseverance and jung shin! They seem to think that once it's in the pooper it isn't coming back, but that isn't true. Worse than this, it seems they don't even want to be associated with the school if and when it goes to the pooper.
After failure, however, always comes a period of success when the right people are put in the lead with the right attitude. Failure should be seen more like a stepping stone. For example, before the iPhone, Steve Jobs had to bring us the Newton. To bring us modern Facebook, Zuckerburg also had to bring us WireHog. Failure should be seen more as a pre-greatness blessing. It should show that things aren't being done right so change is needed. Failure should tell us to carry on but make changed and improvements. It shouldn't tell us that we're not doing it right and we should stop, as most people believe it does. Life is all about making mistakes, learning from these and carrying on with an unbeatable spirit - never giving up. If you don't make any mistakes then you aren't living life to its fullest. You're not exploring and experimenting enough. You need to make mistakes in order to have a jung shin oriented life. Jung Shin is all about never giving up in despite of obstacles and mistakes. If you're not making mistakes then you're not doing anything that requires a jung shin attitude. You need to get out there and find something to bring out your unbeatable spirit!

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