WKSA European Tournament 2015 and Kyo Sa Nim Promotion

May 31, 2015

Yesterday was my favourite day of the year - the Kuk Sool Won European Tournament. As I mentioned previously, I competed in the tournament and I also promoted to second degree black belt in the evening event. The day started at 5am when I had to get up and ready for the big day ahead of me. I was ready at about 6am which was when we left for Norwich with my friend Tom. We arrived there just before 7am, at which time I signed in and went into the main hall. In here I did some last minute practise as well as some stretches and a basic warm up routine in order to prepare myself for what was ahead of me. Before I knew it, it was quarter to 8 and master Alex Suh made us all line up to do the opening bows to the flags and attending masters to initiate the tournament. Shortly after this, it was show time and the tournament started for black belts.
I was in the 15-17 year old Jo Kyo Nim category along with around 7 or 8 other competitors, 3 of whom were from Lowestoft.
We began with traditional forms and this, along with sword, was the main thing I'd been practising in preparation for the tournament. I was one of the first to perform traditional forms and I managed to get a bronze medal in that division which I am very proud of because it's my first medal I've ever won in traditional forms!
Next was the staff form which I've also never won a medal in before but this year I was able to get a bronze medal in this category also which I am very happy about!
Following my second bronze medal win was the sword division which I had been practising for the most out of everything and that practise certainly paid off when I got a silver medal! This was my first silver medal I've ever gotten in a tournament and I am very pleased with it. I was surprised that I got it though as I didn't think I had done as well in sword after I had finished performing and when they had read out the third and fourth place competitors, I thought I hadn't even placed in the top four so I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had done so well!
Next was the techniques category in which I placed third again giving me a total of three bronze medals and one silver medal, because I didn't place in the top four in sparring. Once again, I am very proud of my medal and performance in this division.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with my performance and medals in the tournament and it's just got me even more excited for my first tournament as a Kyo Sa Nim (second degree black belt) in either November this year or May next year. I am however devastated that I wasn't able to win grand champion! The person who won had 15 point and I had 13 points which means that if I would have won a gold in any of my bronze categories or sparring I could have won!
Following my tournament, I made a few purchases in the shop, including some black belt trousers with Korean writing on the side and the first two textbooks which I'm extremely pleased with.
I spent the rest of the day spectating everyone else who was in the tournament which was very enjoyable.
The tournament finished at 4pm, at which time a quick run through of the demonstration took place before we all were lined up in preparation of receiving our promotion certificates from Kuk Sa Nim (the grandmaster). 
The promotions ceremony began at 6pm and contained promotions from people all the way from first degree black belt to master level, including David Ellis and Rachel Ducker from Lowestoft and Halesworth who both promoted to fifth degree master level. 
Overall, I am very pleased with how the day turned out and I can't wait until next year's tournament!

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