What Does it Mean to be a Martial Artist? Having a "Green" Personality.

July 23, 2015

In the 21st century there is often a lot of talk about being in the "green zone" and having a "green personality". Although this talk is often based in the workplace, it can be applied outside of the workplace as well and I believe that being in the "green zone" can also be linked to being a martial artist in that through years of martial arts training, you will naturally fall into the "green zone". What does it mean to be in the green zone though? And what is the opposite of being "green"? Let's take a look.

A person in the green zone...

  1. Takes responsibility for the circumstances of their life.
  2. Seeks to respond non-defensively.
  3. Is not threatened psychologically.
  4. Attempts to build mutual success.
  5. Seeks solutions rather than blame.
  6. Uses persuasion rather than force.
  7. Can be firm, but not rigid, about their interests.
  8. Thinks both short term and long term.
  9. Is interested, understanding and respectful of alternate view points.
  10. Welcomes feedback.
  11. Sees conflict as a natural part of the human condition.
  12. Talks calmly and directly about difficult issues.
  13. Accepts responsibility for consequences for their actions.
  14. Continuously seeks deeper levels of understanding.
  15. Communicates a caring attitude.
  16. Seeks excellence rather than victory.
  17. Listens well.
So what's the opposite of the "green zone" then? That would be, as you may have guessed, the red zone. So how can you tell if you're in the red zone? 

A person in the red zone...

  1. Blames others for the circumstances of their life.
  2. Feels threatened or wronged.
  3. Responds defensively.
  4. Intentionally triggers defensiveness in others.
  5. Is rigid, reactive and righteous.
  6. Uses shame, blame and accusations.
  7. Is unaware of the climate of antagonism they create.
  8. Has low awareness of blind spots.
  9. Does not seek or value feedback.
  10. Sees others as the problem or the enemy.
  11. Sees conflict as a battle and seeks to win at all costs.
  12. Does not let go or forgive.
  13. Communicates high levels of disapproval and contempt.
  14. Focuses on short term advantage and gain.
  15. Feels victimised by different view points.
  16. Is negative/positive, wrong/right in thinking.
  17. Does not listen effectively.
So where do you fall? And if you're a martial artist, do you think that your training is responsible for your placement in the green/red zone? Let me know in the comments section below or tweet me, @SBlog_UK

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