Work Experience - Week 1

July 11, 2015

Over the past week I have been doing work experience at Birds Eye in Lowestoft. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what work experience is, it's fairly self-explanatory - it's where we take two weeks off of school and get a temporary job somewhere, just to prepare us for the real world when we leave school and will be needing to get jobs! As I just said, I am doing mine at Birds Eye because my dad is a manager there so I was able to get a placement there pretty easily following a few very rude responses or lacks of responses from other places I had tried to get a placement at.
I began on Monday and was accompanied by another student from my school who was there to do engineering, meaning that apart from at the very start we hardly saw each other. We began with a safety video and induction to the placement and then we got a short tour of the site. Following this, myself and the other student were separated and went to our places of work - his being in the engineering workshop and mine being in my dad's office! My dad then took me along to a meeting which he had to attend and following this, gave me a tour of the part of the factory which he operates in. We then began to do some audits on a new fish line which has recently been put in and was running properly for the first time. I had to oversee the machine working for an hour, counting the amount of 'reject' pieces of fish went past and counting the amount of vacuum-sealed were bursting. After carrying out this audit, we then used the data to work out the percentage of rejects and passed on that data to the other managers who are able to use it to see what needs improving on the line.
On the next day, I was in the 'pilot plant', testing new products and product ideas and putting them into miniature scale production with smaller versions of the machines which are used in the main factory to mass produce things. I'm not allowed to say much about what I did here because the products tested in there are highly confidential and should be kept private to obviously stop other companies putting these products into production before Birds Eye and stealing the credit and market share for the product. What I can say about it is that exploiting broken machines to squirt people with stuffing is a lot more entertaining that you may think! I really enjoyed this day though.
The next day I was with my dad again and we did the same sort of stuff as we did on day one. The following days however I was in the IT department, these days have definitely been the most enjoyable so far. On the first day, I helped go through the computer system and make sure people have been doing their overtime that they've been payed for and I also made a start on tidying the IT store/server room which was a total mess with boxes of stuff everywhere! This took me about three hours and then another hour and a half the next morning. After I'd finished I had to say that I thought I did a pretty good job of it and I had the place looking amazingly clean. You wouldn't be able to tell it was the same room as it was when I started! After this, I went on to do some formatting of spreadsheets which took me forever to complete and was very repetitive but I didn't mind doing it.
Overall, this first week has been very enjoyable for myself and I've loved it. I can't wait for next week, but I'm gutted to only have four days left; I'll definitely miss working there.
Check back next Saturday for a new blog post.

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