What is Life?

August 31, 2015

Isn't it funny, this whole thing we have going on in our lives? We are born into this man-made system, in a building which is part of this system, which we pay to be in with countless hours of our lives, providing services and helping others come out higher in this system.

When you think about it, it's just like a game really. It's like a big game of Monopoly. Now I come to think of it, Monopoly seems like a very good metaphor for life. At first we have nothing, and we have to work hard to make 'money', this man-made token to show that we've in some way 'contributed' to this society, this system. Once we get enough of this 'money', we can trade it for things that other people have made, so we're getting something we want and they're making money so they can do the same as you! People often spend money on things so they can screw people over though, like the houses in Monopoly. Through doing this, they put themselves higher up in this system and put the other people lower down. 
It's silly when you think about it. Some of it is very clever, dont get me wrong, but it's silly. We spend about a quarter of our lives in this 'education system' which teaches us all about the big system which we're living in, and then at the end of it they test us on how much we know about the system and then how well we do in these tests determines our place in the system. Some will do well and make lots of 'money' through very little work, whilst others will make very little money through a lot more work. What happened to just living in little huts or caves in small communities of people, before this modern system came in to play? Wouldn't that have been so much easier? What's the modern system done for us as humans anyway? We can travel to the other side of the world in less than a day, that's impressive, but is it necessary? The only reason we would have for this is to do something related to the modern system, and if that wasn't there then we wouldnt need to travel to the other side of the world, and certainly not at such high speed!
And even the necessities of living have become wildly part of this modern system which ultimately revolves around 'money'. We actually have to spend money to get things like food, water, shelter and even air. Yes, that's right. Air. We are having to pay a group of people, higher up in the system, who like to call themselves "the government", to breath the air in 'their' country. Oh yeah, that's a thing. Areas of land are owned by people. We arent allowed to go to some places because they're owned by people who don't like other people going there. And if we want to go to another 'country', we have to get permission from the government in that country to do so and we need to let them know everything about ourselves so they can keep track of everything we do. 
Dont you think it's strange? This whole system they have going on? Its just a big game really. A big game to see who can beat the game. Who can come out on top. Is it necessary? Thats up to you to decide. I for one, don't see how it is necessary. Yes, it allows for us to do a lot more, but we dont need to do all of this stuff. We dont need the internet. Yes, the internet makes it easier for data to be dealt with, but data isn't necessary either! Our ancestors got on just fine before this system came into play - how do I know that? Because we're still here. 'Humans' still exist, meaning that they survived just fine before the system. 
All that matters in life is that we're happy, not where we fall in the system. In fact, the system limits our happiness in many ways because it provides boundaries for what we can and can't do. It tells us we can't do what we want to do. This is the same system that tells us that some people don't deserve as much purely because their skin is a different shade to others. This is the same system that tells us that some people cant get married because they love people, not physical attributes, and sometimes these people are of the same gender as them. The system limits us and this isnt fair. Before the system we could do what we wanted to, and I believe that people would have been a lot happier than they are today. 
The reason I've written this post is because last week I was in Koh Samui (a small island in Thailand) and I saw a group of men, probably between the ages of 18 and 25, and they looked like the happiest people I've ever seen. They lived in a row of houses made from scrap metal in the middle of an overgrown disused field and had ripped clothes, and they've probably never used a computer or the internet once in their lives. They probaby didn't go to school and I can only assume that they have little to no money, but they were happy. They had an old, ripped football and a ripped volleyball net, but they were happy. They had each other and they were having fun. Seeing this made me realise that you don't need all of the latest tech, toys and expensive things to be happy. 
It's the simple things that make us happy but these simple things are being made nearly impossible to have in the 21st century because of all of the pressure put onto us in school and in the workplace (and modern society in general) to do well, get a good job, and earn lots of money. And for what? To give spend it on things which we think will make us happy, but they don't. They might give us the illusion that we're happy, but we're not. We're 21st century happy. We're just part of a system which encourages us to fit in and be a part of this game rather than being happy, enjoying our lives fully and making the most of the time we have here. We often hear people say "life's short". It's not. It only seems short because we spend so much time doing things we dont want to be doing to contribute to making other people '21st century happy'.

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