Animal Captivity

September 17, 2015

In recent years, animal captivity has become a relevant topic in the interests of activists. In particular the captivity of sealife has been a topic for discussion and there has been a huge uproar against marine life entertainment parks such as the SeaWorld parks, with their sealife ranging from stingrays and penguins to seals and whales. People say that the captivity of these animals is wrong, and I agree. Every animal should be able to live their own life in their natural habitat, just like we are living our own lives in our natural habitat (kind of). Every animal.
Why is the focus on the captivity of these particular animals though? Is it because of the excessive media coverage on documentaries such as 'Blackfish'? Probably. Why are people limiting their concern to what the mainstream media is portraying as the main problem though? We all know that media distorts the horrible truth and in this case it's no different. From observing the reactions of those who have seen these documentaries regarding the captivity of sealife, specifically whales and dolphins, they seem to believe that the captivity of these specific animals are the only problem when it comes to animal captivity and they're not. There's a lot more than what meets the eye when it comes to affairs like this.
Take cats and dogs for example. These animals seem pretty happy with humans looking after them, teaching them tricks, and giving them everything they need. Sure, sometimes they aren't completely happy and do attack their owners, but it's fine. Wait, this sounds familiar. Does it not? Oh, yes. This is exactly the argument of those campaigning against captivity of sealife. "The animals aren't happy, they keep attacking their trainers", "It's wrong to teach animals tricks for our entertainment, they belong in the wild". As much as it may surprise you, all animals originated from the so-called "wild". Animals like cats and dogs have been domesticated though, they've just learnt to accept the fact that they're not going back to the wild. Heck, most cats and dogs don't know what the wild is! Isn't that sad? Isn't it sad that these animals have actually come to terms with the fact that they're never going back to the wild? They've just stopped fighting back and just, well... They've given up. Isn't that sad? It's certainly sadder than the captivity of sealife, even more so because it's completely dismissed by mainstream media. Nobody cares that we have completely changed a species. Not just a species though, a whole load of them! Instead of cats and dogs living their lives in the wild, reproducing in the wild and living freely, they're being forced to live in our houses, obeying our commands, and only going out when we want them to. That's sad. Very sad.

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To be honest though, I don't know what's worse. I don't know whether it'd be worse being the first generation of animals in captivity (like the sealife), before you've become used to this new environment and before the wild is completely unknown to the species, or being an animal who has been in this environment for so long that the wild is already unknown. I guess when you think about it, we are the latter. Before civilisation, we were in the wild. We looked after ourselves, we were in danger of being attacked by other animals or humans. We were just like those animals who are in the wild today. Was this better than modern society? Maybe, maybe not. We will never know. If time travel was ever invented then we may find out, but it doesn't get invented. If it did, we would know. Unless traveling to this time period has been banned, or any time travelers have been detained and kept from the public, it never ever gets invented. We will never find out what it was like before civilisation.
Back to the topic on hand though, I guess it is sadder being the whales and sealife in captivity, but from a human's perspective, I find it sadder thinking about how cats and dogs have actually given up trying to get back into the wild and fighting back. I find it sadder that they don't even know what the wild is. The sealife know what they're missing out on in the wild so of course it's very sad for them, and it's of course still sad for us to see as well. Eventually, if they remain in captivity, they'll become used to it and know no different, just like house pets.
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