The 'Migrant Crisis'

September 24, 2015

In recent weeks, there has been endless media coverage of the so called 'migrant crisis' in Europe. Most of this media coverage was negative until a photo of a dead child washed up on a beach surfaced on the mainstream media, causing people to really open their eyes to what's happening, and there was immediate change of perspective on the situation. Instead of criticising the migrants and refugees, the mainstream media are now being advocative of the need for a solution. Some people however still aren't convinced, and this makes me sad. It makes me sad to think that we are living in the 21st century and 'patriotism' of this type is still a thing. In this post, I will tell you why I believe we should be helping refugees and accepting migrants into 'our' country. 'Our' being in inverted commas because is it really our country or is it just a piece of land which we happen to have been born on? It doesn't really belong to anyone, it's just land, and land should be under ownership of everyone collectively, not just us, or the people who were born on that piece of land.

I hate patriotism.

The heading says it all really. I immensely dislike it when people say things along the lines of "proud to be British" and "Britain is for the British". It's not right. What makes a 'British' person different from a European person different from an Asian person? Yes, they may look slightly different and they may have a different primary language, but what else? Nothing. They are human, just like everyone else involved in this affair, so why can't they live in a different part of the world to where they originate? Is it that much of a big deal? 'Britain' isn't for the 'British', this chunk of the world named 'Britain' is for humans. People. People from anywhere and everywhere in the world. If it's okay for us to move from one side of the country to the other, why's it such a problem for people to move from one side of the world to the other? It shouldn't be.


Put yourself in the shoes of these refugees. Actually, some of them don't even have shoes. Just imagine you're one of these refugees. You've been forced to leave your country, or you've chosen to leave your country, because it's just too dangerous for you and your family to carry on living there. You need to find somewhere else for your family to live and seek opportunity. You decide to go to Europe because it's been spoken up as the land of opportunity. The land of success. The land of safety. And you're willing to do whatever you can to get there. You're willing to risk your life on the back of a lorry or on a cargo ship to get there. But when you do, they don't want you. They tell you to go away and start a big storm online, and all you hear is racist comments from uneducated individuals who don't quite understand why you're moving to a different country. They don't understand that your home country is too dangerous. Wouldn't you feel sad? Of course you would. All you're trying to do is protect your family, and in return you're getting rejection. Why don't we welcome these people? Welcome them to what is truly the land of opportunity when compared to their countries of origin. Just put yourself in their place and think, how would I feel if this was happening to me.
But don't just limit your empathy to refugees though. Empathise with immigrants as well. If someone wants to move to a different country, they should be able to. If you wanted to move to a different country, you'd hate to be told you couldn't. And if you did move to a different country, you'd hate to be victimised of abuse because you're from a different country. So let's be more tolerant of immigrants as well.

They aren't stealing 'your' jobs.

Something that's not common to hear in a discussion about immigrants is "they're stealing our jobs". I hate to make stereotypes, but this truly is a stereotypical line from someone who lacks education and is unemployed. Their excuse for being unemployed and hating immigrants is that the immigrants are stealing 'their' jobs so there aren't any left for them. The thing is, when these jobs are vacant these people don't seem too bothered. It's when someone else gets this job that it becomes a problem. Are these people really 'stealing' the job when you're not willing to do said job and they're more qualified than you anyway though? Of course they aren't 'stealing' it. Stop being so selfish and thinking about yourself. 


When thinking about refugees and immigrants, the most important thing is empathy - putting yourself in their shoes and thinking about how you would feel in their situation. By doing this, we would be making everyone's lives a lot better. We just need to be more considerate of other people and treat people how we would wish to be treated, this would make the world a much better place to live.

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  1. I love this article, it speaks my mind. By putting yourself in other's shoes, you learn to empathise with them. You treat others how you want to be treated.
    On a lighter note, I followed your blog and am looking forward to most enriching and posts!
    Mind checking out mine and giving some feedback?

  2. I've recently read your articles and this one in particularly is my favourite! I completely agree with your outlook on this topic and your points in my opinion all so accurate. Id love to start writing similar articles and it would be nice if some time you helped me out with them, looking forward to more posts Shay!