Grades over Education

October 18, 2015

I have always been one who enjoys going to school. I love learning new things and I love everything about school. At least, I did. I'm fed up with it now though. It no longer interests me and it just seems to be another thing that I do in my life. I get up in the morning and go to school only to find myself looking at the clock every five minutes and thinking to myself, "I only have half an hour left. Well, 40 minutes actually. But it's close enough to half an hour. I've been here for an hour already, so it's just half of that. It's two blocks of 15 minutes - that's not long at all!". I find myself repeating things along the lines of that for the whole one hundred minutes I'm in classes because they seem so boring. I'm not learning anything, nor am I being pushed or motivated to push myself. I'm simply being left there, just going with the flow. Except I'm not going with the flow.
I've always been above average in terms of grades and knowing how to do things, but it seems I'm falling back from that now and I'm fitting in with everyone else and just being average. There's nothing wrong with being average, of course. Average is normal. Average is what's expected of us. I don't want to be just average though because I know I'm capable of being more than just average.
I know what you're probably thinking, "If you want to be above average, then do it. It's your own fault you've fallen back."  To some extent, I see where you're coming from with that argument. It's a very narrow minded argument but I'm afraid to say that I would have probably thought the same thing if I was reading this post from someone else's perspective. The fact of the matter is that it's not my fault I've fallen back. In fact, I don't know whose fault it is if I'm perfectly honest. I guess it is mine to some extent, but it's not fully my fault though. I think it's actually down to the way the modern education system works and how it all revolves around grades rather than education.
In my opinion, the education system should be preparing me for life, imparting wisdom onto me, and educating me. Instead, the modern education system is preparing me for exams which get me grades. That's all. Don't believe me? I'm willing to bet money that at least one of your teachers has said "don't worry about that, it won't be in the exam" at some point during your education. It's as if true education isn't even valued anymore. Grades and exams are seen as more important than education and wisdom.
For example, I've gone through the whole of high school in a top set for science. In the past year I've achieved A's and A*'s in all of my science tests and I'm predicted to complete my GCSEs with an A* in science. I'm not afraid to admit that I know bugger all about science, however. Science is probably my weakest subject at school because I simply find it overwhelming in many aspects and I don't understand or remember half of the things I'm taught. According to my school and the government, I'm well educated in science. In fact, on paper, they tell I'm way above average in science. Am I though? Maybe I am in terms of grades, because I can revise the night before and have it all stick in my head. In reality however, I'd say I'm either on or below average. Try testing me on something I haven't revised and you'll see how much of an 'A* student' I really am.
If I pass my science GCSEs there is something seriously wrong with the modern education/examination system and I will be prepared to stand up for this and make a point to the government. My whole future is determined by what I get in my GCSEs and if I'm able to pull off getting an A*, A or even a B in a subject I don't understand then the government's education system is flawed. It's unfair and needs drastic changes and I'm willing to highlight this fact to the government if need be.

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  1. I'm glad you pointed this out. The education system that you have isn't as bad as the one my society has adopted. They have streaming systems, if it doesn't discourage the student more. One can hate a subject, but if they have a good memory, they can just 'smoke through' the exams and still get top marks. On the other hand, it's terribly discouraging to get low marks in your favourite subjects, and sometimes the student's passion for that subject is blown out and he has lost all confidence in the subject, just because he did not do well and supposedly 'did not understand' that subject as well as some other classmate.
    What do you think grades are, then? I personally think a grade is just the measurement of how well one can absorb information and spit it out during the exam, NOT their interest level.

  2. This is so true! I actually love learning, but I find myself focusing more on the grade than what I'm actually learning- which is tons of cool stuff about our world! I always get frustrated when I'm so stressed out with making the A that I can't focus on the interesting aspects. Keep posting- your work is inspiring!

  3. Indeed! I've the feeling that the only thing that matters are grades! Isn't it unfair? I can't make myself concentrate on studying... I order papers instead at They do help me and I get high scores, but I feel so ashamed..It's so wrong..

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