RE: Recent Terror Attacks

November 15, 2015

Following the recent occurrences of terror attacks around the world in various locations, I thought it would be appropriate to write a post in response to them. Before I start however I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to anyone affected by the attacks and the families of those who lost their lives. The events were truly tragic and it doesn't seem right to talk about them without first addressing my sympathy and sorrow. On with the post.
It's time we unite. Not just as a country, not just as a continent and not even as the west. It's time we unite at the world. As one body. Let's not just, as some are saying, "kill the terrorist scum" by dropping bombs on Eastern countries. That's not the way forward. Surely that would make us just as bad. From my understanding, a lot of terror attacks happen because Eastern countries and terror organisations feel threatened and under attack from Western countries and hence retaliate with attacks as such. If we were to attack them in return, we'd simply be asking for war which is not what we want. If we attacked them they'd probably respond in exactly the same way we responded to their attacks. Even taking the effect on us out of the equation, it's still not the right thing to do - it's killing; killing is wrong.
There are bad people in the world who kill without remorse. We can't become this though. I believe we need to unite and seek a way to stop this madness without using "revenge" as a motive. We won't be able to kill all of 'them', and even if we were able to it would be wrong and there would just be another uprising of new 'terrorists'. Instead of attacking and setting a bad example, we need to teach. We need to work together and let these people know what they're doing wrong. We need to teach them that this is wrong, selfish and cruel. We need to help stop what these people doing.

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