What Happens When We Die?

November 12, 2015

A question that daunts us all: what happens when we die? There is no definite answer. There never has been and there probably never will be. All we have is our own opinions and in this post I will share with you my opinions, which seems very strange now that I think about it.

Those who have the misfortune of dying, which is most if not all of us one day, will see what really happens but until then it's just guesses based on what we want to happen and what other people say they want. Some people claim to have died and seen things and then come back to life. Some believe these stories and some don't. Again, it's up to you to decide whether you believe them. I personally remain without an opinion when it comes to these stories. I do however have an opinion on what I think happens to us when we die.
One of the first things you have to consider when thinking about what happens when we die has to be beliefs in things such as religion. I personally consider myself religious in that I believe in there being a God and I believe in Heaven. I don't believe in Hell however because I believe that by sending people to Hell, God would be undermining the concept of forgiveness which plays a part in his religion. I believe that when we die we go to Heaven. Everyone goes to Heaven and gets to live the life they've always wanted. They don't need to be bad or sad anymore because they have everything they want right at their disposal. They can be happy and have whatever they want.
Some however don't believe in God and this may change their views on what happens immensely.
Another factor to take into consideration when answering this question is what you think you really is. What makes our person us? What is us? This is a hard question to phrase so I'll try to explain it like this. If it were possible to extract all of the information from my brain and say import this data onto a robot's hard drive, the robot wouldn't be me. I wouldn't be in control of the robot, the robot would just have a hard drive filled with my memories. So what is it inside of my person which I actually am? Is it a physical thing or is it just a spirit? Whatever it is, does it count as part of my body or is it just a thing? When I die and go wherever I do, will my body come with me or will it just be my spirit? Is my body even a real thing or am I just imagining everything? What if my body isn't even a thing? What if none of our bodies are real things? Sorry, I'm supposed to be answering the question here. I'll get back on track now.
If you didn't get anything from that last paragraph, the point I was trying to make was that we don't actually know what makes our person us. Our body may not even be part of us and may just be a shell which only exists on Earth and we lose it when we die and go somewhere else.
It is also important for you to consider what you think life actually is before drawing conclusions to the given question. I honestly don't know what life is. Was it created on purpose or accidentally? Does whoever/whatever created it know about it? If so, what do they want from it? Why did they do it and why do they maintain it? In some respects, this could link back to the religious side of things. As I say, I don't really understand the meaning of life but I do have a theory about the creation though and it combines the religious views with the scientific views. I believe that the universe was created by God, as was Earth and life, but life didn't start as human life. It started from single cell organisms which evolved to create life as we know it today - humans, modern animals, etc.
Who is God though? Is it this almighty being we all picture it to be or is it just a teenager in a larger universe who has us under his bed as an old science project? Or is the Earth or even universe just a tiny thing floating around among other particles in this larger universe? I probably sound like a 5 year old in my attempts to explain these theories because I'm just not one with words today. Apologies for that.
The last thing you have to take into consideration when trying to answer this question, in my opinion, is your own opinions or visions. When I was little I had this reoccurring dream which I had at least 3 or 4 times. Three or Four times may not seem that significant to you, but it does to me and this really stuck out to me. I was in a small house with a Chinese family. In a living room with open French doors on each side of the quite narrow room. One side led to a green courtyard, surrounded by a white wall whilst the other led somewhere unknown. I was sat on a red one-seater sofa with a dark wood coffee table in front of me and a two-seater sofa the other side of it. 
I remember some Chinese soldiers or assassins or something coming into the courtyard and the Chinese lady telling me to hide in a panicked tone. The men came in, dressed completely in black, and shot her with their machine guns. One of them came around and saw me hiding behind the sofa, and that was it. They shot me. I was dead. 
Normally, you would wake up at this point but I didn't. I just fell down and I was dead. It was just like being alive though. I could still see and hear, I just couldn't do anything. Is this what happens when we die? It's certainly the closest experience to death I've ever had, even if it was just a dream!
That probably sounds ridiculous.
What do you think? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts!

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