Mock Exam Results

January 21, 2016

Happy Thursday! As you may recall, I was extremely inactive in the month of December due to my mock exams and the preparation surrounding them. Today, after weeks of eager anticipation, I got my results for them which I am very happy with. I achieved/exceeded my target grades in all subjects apart from the sciences which I thought is quite ironic as they're the only subjects I really revised for! So from that can we take the conclusion that less revision leads to better grades? If only!
In all serious though, I'm grateful for the fact that I didn't do as well as I'd have liked to in my science subjects as this gives me both guidance and motivation to revise more for what I need to focus on when it comes to preparation for my actual GCSE exams in May/June this year.
For those interested, here are my target grades and mock exam results:

Subject Target Result
Business Studies A A*
English Language A A
Geography A A*
Mathematics A* A*
Religious Studies A A*
Biology U1 A* A
Biology U2 A* C
Chemistry U1 A* B
Chemistry U2 A* B
Physics U1 A* A*
Physics U2 A* B

Now that all of this mock exam related business is out the way, I am able to resume posting as normal. Normal posting will resume on Thursday, 4th February.

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