There Isn't An Official Game Plan

January 14, 2016

Life is not a straight line. It's not a set timeline. It's not something that can be done right or wrong. It's what you make of it.
It's okay if you don't finish school, get married, get a job or live comfortably at a point when some of your peers do, because each person is individual and can do whatever they want. They don't need to be doing the same thing as their peers. You're allowed to do what you want with your life, and if you're not happy then you are in the drivers seat and you can make change. It's okay to back track, it's okay to have time, and it's okay to go against what others are doing. After all, it's your life and behind all of the things society implants into our brains and these 'natural' senses of morals, all that matters is happiness and survival, both of individuals and of large groups. Don't worry about what other people tell you you should be doing, worry about what you want to be doing and what you feel is necessary in order for you to be happy and satisfied, either now or in the long term.
I personally consider myself a happy person and I use my happiness in order to try and keep other people happy. Do I do it because I have been told to or feel pressured to? Of course not! I do it because seeing other people being happy makes me happy. Happiness is contagious. If I can make other people happy, their happiness makes me happy. Ultimately, most things I do come down to me trying to make myself happy and when it's put like that, it does sound very selfish. In making myself happy, I am making other people happy though so to a certain extent it's not so selfish. I am doing it because I want to though. Just like you should do things that you want to do.
There's no point in living a life in which you are unhappy just to fit in with what's expected of you and what other people say you should have done by now. Don't live by unnatural guidelines and game plans which are created by people who think they know what they're on about and think everyone should be the same. Live by the natural guidelines, or lack there of should I say. There are no guidelines. No time frames. No game plans. Just your life, waiting to be lived to its fullest and exploited of all good things by yourself. Make the most of the time you have here, don't do things just to fit in and don't be unhappy. Your happiness is - in most cases - in your own hands and you're the only one with full power and control over it. If you're unhappy then make some changes in your life and I guarantee that you'll find a way to be happy. Happiness may not come after the first change you make, and maybe not even the second change. If you keep making changes and remain focused on the goal of happiness, it will come eventually and you'll be grateful for it and the changes you made.
Remember, nothing worth having comes easy. You need to work for it in most cases.

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