My Aspirations

March 31, 2016

Being in the final year of compulsory education, a lot of pressure is put on myself and my peers regarding our future career ambitions and really deciding what we want to do with our lives. With that being said, I'd like to share the outcome of these thoughts with you and let you know exactly what my goals are in life and where I want to be in, for example, 10 years. So let's work chronologically with this, starting with my current situation.

In just over a month I will be sitting my GCSE exams which for me consist of 21 exams spanning over a period of 32 days (with a one week break during this period). In these exams, I am predicted to achieve mainly A*s and A's which I'm fairly confident I will achieve in most subjects. If all goes well with these, the acceptance of my application to the A Level courses in computer science, geography, mathematics and sociology will be finalised and I will begin my 2 year study period at college in September. From here I plan to go to university to study either geography, sociology or mathematics. At the moment, I am leaning towards mathematics for my university degree as I believe a degree in this is not only something I would enjoy working towards but it is also something desirable in terms of opening new career doors and opportunities for me in the future.
So what do I plan on doing when I leave education then? As of now, I plan to re-enter education but from the other end; I plan to be a teacher. Of which subject I still have yet to decide but I am in no rush to as still have 6 or 7 years to do. At the moment, the subjects I have in mind are the subjects which I am planning on taking at A Level (geography, ICT, mathematics and sociology). I have chosen these subjects both because they're things I enjoy learning about and they are things that I am good at.
Why do I want to be a teacher though? The simple answer to this is that I enjoy doing it. I regularly teach at Kuk Sool, having graduated the leadership course just after I turned 13. I am experienced and confident with teaching both beginners and advanced students of any age group and in both large groups and small groups and generally my teaching is well received and I often get good feedback from both students and those observing my teaching. Another reason I would like to be a teacher is that I enjoy breaking things down, explaining things and helping people understand things. Aside from the actual teaching aspect, there are two more reasons I would like to be a teacher. One of them is that I admire my current teachers at school for what they do and I look up to some of them as role models and people which I want to be like when I'm older. The other reason is that I enjoy creating things - lesson plans, presentations and various other resources which would be beneficial in teaching. With this being said, I'd like to put my resources to practical use in teaching.
Where do I plan on teaching though? That is a question with an answer yet to be decided, I do however know that the answer will heavily depend on my Kuk Sool training for I'd like to continue training Kuk Sool wherever I decide to locate myself. For the first few years I will probably stay in Lowestoft, my home town, where I can save up some money in order to put a deposit on a house elsewhere and then I will go from there. I'd like to move to London, where most of my family are, however I'd be equally satisfied in another city with a good infrastructure in place and which is easy to get around as living in a big city has always been my dream simply because I love seeing the world in motion. I want to live somewhere where there's things to see and do whatever hour I am out. I want to live in a city which never sleeps.
What are your ambitions for when you're older? What do you aspire to do or be? Where would you like to live and what's your dream job? I'd love to hear from you with your answers in the comments section below or via email.

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  1. Hello Shay,
    Oh Goodness I have a lot of goals, I should really start writing them down...haha. I've moved 9 times throughout my life and we've finally settled in North Carolina. After high school I hope to get into Appalachian State for marketing. Past college I'd like to travel every chance I get and one day find a house in North Carolina near Charlotte (a big city) so I can drive there but not live in it. I used to want to live "in the city that never sleeps" but after living in Philadelphia I think I rather stick with the burbs. I had neighbors back in Philly who said that London was incredible and much different from the cities here in the US so who knows I might move there one day...

    Aside from Marketing I'd like to start back up my jewelry making business that I had started when I was seven. It's been put on hold for a year and a half because we keep moving. Also I'd like to sell my photography and write. My greatest aspiration is to write a book. I've been in several writing competitions and fell in love with everything about writing (I talk about it a little to much in my post, haha).

    Thank you for sharing your goals, it tells a lot about a person. My mom has 17 years of college under her belt and 20 years of teaching younger kids.
    Good luck to you on your exams!

    1. Wow, that sounds great! I should probably mention that I aspire to sell my photography in the future as well and I'd love to write a book (probably a non-fiction). Your goals sound great, thanks for sharing!